Thursday, 19 November 2009

Five homes for Dorridge land

FIVE detached homes look set to be built at the back of homes in Temple Road, Dorridge.

Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council last night passed the plan, which will see road access
between 33 and 31, part of which will be demolished. Map and details.

Agents said the principle of development was “already established”.

A previous application for five homes was thrown out by the council but allowed on appeal last year.

The authority was unhappy about the loss of trees but Banner Homes said the independent Planning Inspector thought this would “not adversely affect the character of the area”.

It said the new application had been revised. The council passed it subject to consultation with organisations.

To see the full application click here and type 2009 and 1643 into the two boxes.

The council’s planning committee last night refused a bid to make a bungalow in Pool Meadow Close, off the old Warwick Road, into a two-storey five bedroom house. Ref: 2009 / 1626.

Temple Road:

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