Friday, 27 November 2009

Free number plate screws in Shirley tomorrow

DRIVERS are urged to get free tamper-proof screws tomorrow deter number plate thieves.

Motorists can get the screws, worth £14, from Halfords in Chalford Way, Shirley at the weekend (Nov 28-29) from 10am to 4pm.

Police said the screws cannot be turned and staff will fix them to vehicles.

West Midlands Police Sergeant Tim Evans, said: “Number plates are easy to steal; once stolen they're often affixed to other vehicles which are then used to facilitate crime, especially driving off from petrol stations without paying.

“And with fuel prices increasing we expect this type of crime to increase, and with it the demand for stolen registration plates.

“Victims are left with the inconvenience and cost of replacing the plates.

“However, prevention is easy and we hope lots of motorists take advantage of the chance to get the anti-theft screws fitted free of charge.”

More than 1,700 such thefts have been recorded in the West Midlands in the last six months.