Sunday, 15 November 2009

Green belt homes plan a "betrayal"

PLANS to build houses on Green Belt land in Solihull are a “shocking betrayal” by Gordon Brown, The Sunday Telegraph reports today.

The newspaper counts Solihull as one of 27 towns and cities where Ministers want to build houses on previously protected land.

Planning minister John Healey is quoted as saying that decades old Green Belt allocations could be out of date and there “may now be a case for reconsidering what those boundaries are”.

In September the Government said 10,500 more homes should be built in the borough. The 2001 census recorded 83,440 homes in the borough.

The Government is considering the plans, which have been consulted on, and will put them out again to consultation by the end of this year, with any changes, for 12 weeks.

The final report will then be published in mid 2010.

The homes will need to be built by 2026.

As the planning authority, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council decides whether houses can be built according to planning law.

Removing Green Belt protection will effectively green light developments.

Housing will be discussed at a council meeting tomorrow night. The public are welcome to attend.