Tuesday, 24 November 2009

"Low" satisfaction with councillors, survey finds

SATISFACTION with borough councillors is “relatively low” a survey for the authority found.

A telephone survey of 750 people was conducted by marketing firm Brahm on behalf of Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council.

It concluded: “In terms of satisfaction with councillors, scores were relatively low with many residents giving a neutral score”.

One in ten said they were satisfied to some extent that they see councillors on their community while just 15 per cent were happy members “demonstrate that they care about
local community issues”.

Yet “encouragingly” 79 per cent said they trusted councillors to make the right decisions to some extent.

A further 18 per cent did “not trust them at all” – with a quarter saying they “do not understand at all” what they do. About one in ten did “understand completely”.

About two thirds thought councillors are active in the community to some extent.

The authority is responsible for all local government services including roads, social care, schools, planning and waste.

The report said: “The results would suggest that councillors as individuals have a job to do to raise their profile and demonstrate that they understand and care about community issues or to engage residents more to ensure they are aware of the work that they do.”