Thursday, 19 November 2009

MP and rival attack Labour over economy

LIBERAL Democrat Solihull MP Lorely Burt and the Conservative who wants to take her seat have attacked the Government’s economic record.

In two separate statements Mrs Burt and Conservative hopeful Maggie Throup hit out at Labour over jobs and benefits.

The Lib Dem – who snatched the seat from Tory hands in 2005 – said plans to remove a £15 a week benefit for renting a cheaper home would hit low income residents.

She said hundreds would be hit in the borough: “Cutting this scheme will save very little money, if any at all, but will make a huge difference to local families' budgets.

“This is irresponsible behaviour from Labour during a recession, and Gordon Brown has once again abandoned the people who need the most help.”

And she said of youth unemployment: “The Government need to do more to keep young people within reach of the job market by helping them to improve their skills and gain work experience.”

Meanwhile, Mrs Throup said Shadow Chancellor George Osborne had made clear why her party should be in power when he addressed the Birmingham and Solihull Chamber of Commerce.

Her statement said: “With six people for every one vacancy in Solihull, we have shown that the Conservatives have practical policies to get Britain out of recession and start on the road to recovery.”

She said: “The Conservatives are committed to tackling the increasing problem of youth unemployment; in Solihull these proposals would help young people by creating new apprenticeships as well as additional university places.”