Friday, 22 January 2010

UKIP hopeful lashes out

A UK Independence Party politician has deepened a row with her party that saw her axed as its MP candidate for Meriden.

In a posting on her website, Nikki Sinclaire attacks UKIP for aligning itself with ‘extremist’ groups in the European parliament.

The MEP left the ‘Europe of Freedom and Democracy Group’ last week, leading UKIP to ban her from standing for any more elections.

Political parties join other parties in the Parliament which share similar views.

She hoped to fight Conservative Meriden MP Caroline Spelman at the ballot box in this year’s genera; election.

Miss Sinclaire wrote of EFD: “The group contains parties who have a variety of extremist views which includes racism, anti-Semitism and violence.”

EFD did not want Britain to withdrawn from the EU, conflicting with UKIP policy, she said.

And she wrote: “Neither the public nor most journalists have ever heard of EFD. Our media coverage results from what UKIP, its MEPs and campaigners do and say.”

Last week UKIP national executive committee chairman Paul Nuttall said EDF ‘is the only true Eurosceptic grouping in the European Parliament’.

He said: “All UKIP candidates signed a declaration that they would agree to join the Group, and pool our resources in order to continue our fight against the European Union. Nikki Sinclaire has dishonoured that pledge.”

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