Monday, 15 February 2010

MP's bid to halt garden developments

SOLIHULL MP Lorely Burt has backed a Commons bid to stop ‘garden grabbing’ flat developments.

The Liberal Democrat MP has signed a motion calling for gardens to be classed as greenfield instead of brownfield land, making them harder to develop.

She says current national planning rules are blighting Solihull as homes are being demolished for flats.

The issue of ‘garden grabbing’ has hit headlines recently with Conservatives criticising a plan to knock down two semi-detached homes for flats.

But a national report commissioned by the Government said the issue is not causing widespread changes.

In a press release, Mrs Burt said: “Garden grabbing by predatory developers is a real concern.

“I have had lots of letters from residents who feel frustrated that the council seems unable to control predatory developers buying up and building on garden land.”

Mrs Burt is also backing another ‘early day motion’ calling for more local powers to determine the outcome of controversial applications.

At present appeals against council refusal for planning permission is heard by the national Planning Inspectorate, based in Bristol.

Yet Mrs Burt says it lacks ‘an understanding of the local situation and the true impact the development will have’.

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