Saturday, 6 February 2010

Taxis seized over bald tyres

POLICE took 14 taxis off the road over two days with faults including bald tyres and no headlights.

Solihull police checked about 100 taxis over Christmas in the town centre and found ‘serious faults’ with 14, including low tyre treads. A further 13 had minor faults.

And three drivers had their benefits frozen and are being investigated for fraud as a result of the crackdown, which used random stop inspections and scheduled appointments.

Acting Traffic Sergeant Martin Williams said in a press release: “A balding tyre may sound innocuous but at this time of year, given the hazardous driving conditions, it's one of the most serious defects a car can have.

“It's frightening seeing some drivers, whose cars are running on bald tyres, struggling to maintain control.”

He said of the appointments, at Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, the licensing authority: “Bizarrely, even some of these turned up with defective vehicles.”

Councillor Mrs Diana Holl-Allen, cabinet member for safer communities, said: “We will continue to work together and to raise standards within the taxi trade for the benefit of the travelling public, and also for the good reputation of the many licensed drivers who do a good job and who offer a valuable service.”

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