Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Council loses Blossomfield homes battle

COUNCIL chiefs have lost an appeal to ban a ‘stark and incongruous addition’ housing plan in Blossomfield Road, Solihull.

Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council threw out the bid to put two detached homes on the site of a chalet bungalow – but lost on appeal.

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The authority rejected the plan in October has it was ‘significantly further forward’ to Blossomfield and Alderbrook Road and would be ‘contrived and cramped’

This would create a ‘stark and incongruous addition to the steetscene that is dominant to its context’.

A garage for one of the homes ‘would have an undue detrimental impact on the living conditions’ of a neighbouring property, it said.

But the national Planning Inspectorate allowed the appeal.

It found: “I do not conclude such an approach would result in a development apparently contrived or cramped.

“In my view, the spatial relationship of both dwellings to each other, and to the site boundaries, would not be markedly different to those prevalent in the area.”

The homes could ‘enhance’ the roundabout, it said. Trees would screen the development, it said.

It adds: “Concern was expressed that to allow a two-house development on this site would set an undesirable form of precedent for future development in the area,
especially along Alderbrook Road.

“Whilst such concerns are understandable, each case must be addressed on its own merits.”

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