Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Tories look to run council with Lib Dems

THE Conservatives are looking to form a join with The Liberal Democrats to run Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, the Tory group leader said last night.

There is presently no overall control after the Tories lost seats in last Thursday’s local elections of a third of all seats.

Conservative leader Cllr Ken Meeson yesterday met Lib Dem leader Cllr Ian Hedley – and he hoped the two would find a way of working together.

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Cllr Meeson told The Silhillian: “My guess is, given what has happened nationally, is that we will come to some amicable agreement between the Liberal Democrats and ourselves.

“But what that will mean I don’t know until Cllr Hedley comes back to me.”

He compared the local poll to that of the General Election, where the Tories got most seats and most votes but not a majority.

The outcome would either be a minority Conservative administration, a formal Cons-Lib Dem coalition or a Lib-Lab coalition, he said.

There are 23 Conservatives, 18 Lib Dems, seven Labour, one Green and two independent on the council. A majority administration would need 26 seats.

Cllr Hedley said: “The only thing I can tell you is I am now the leader of the party and we are going to have discussions because it is no overall control.”

He said he would now talk to the Labour group. Labour leader Cllr Mick Corser was not available for comment.

Cllr Hedley declined to comment on the defection from the group of Cllr Howard Allen following the election.

Cllr Allen will stand as an ‘independent Liberal Democrat’ because he felt the Lib Dems were ‘ineffective’ in opposition. Yet he pledged to back a Lib Dem administration.

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