Tuesday, 7 June 2011

£770 sandwiches for council savings courses

MORE than £700 was spent on sandwiches for a council training course on how to save money.

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Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council spent £770 at The Fat Sandwich Company, Touchwood, for 290 staff on the February 1 and 18 courses.

The spending was by the council’s “transformation team” which is leading a £15.2m savings drive as part of a £148.1m budget for this year.

This will see cuts to the youth service, less for helping underperforming pupils and fewer children put into care.

The council is also proposing a major hike in OAP day centre fees.

This would scrap a £4.40 flat rate for transport, entry and a meal at the centres for £6.30 transport each way and £3 for meals.

The courses looked at LEAN management, which studies processes to eliminate waste when resources are cut.

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