Saturday, 11 June 2011

New Knowle Waitrose plan announced

A NEW Waitrose plan has been announced for Knowle that is 24 per cent smaller than a previous scheme.

knowle village hall

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A letter was today sent to villagers outlining the plan, which rules out a previous bid to put the store on the site of the village hall in St John’s Close.

No alternative store location is given in the letter, but The Silhillian has previously reported six months ago that Village Hall would stay and the store would go on a former bowling green by The Red Lion pub.

Deliverties would no longer come into Knowle via the M42 and High Street and right turn past Loch Fyne restaurant but south via the Warwick Road.

This suggests lorries would enter via St John’s Close off Station Road.

More parking is also pledged. The original scheme proposed demolishing ten retirement bungalows. The Solihull Observer reports fewer homes would be demolished.

An exhibition on the plans will be held in the village hall on Friday and Saturday.

A 1,251sqm sales area plan was put forward by developers in January 2010 and planning applications were made to Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council.

The proposed 24 per cent reduction would be for the whole store, the gross floorspace.

The Knowle Tesco sales area is 557sqm.


Above: the previous Knowle Waitrose plan.

The letter, from public relations firm remarkable on behalf of Kimberley Developments and Waitrose, pledges further consultation.

It says: “Kimberley and Waitrose would like to thank everyone who provided their feedback.

“Since the exhibition last year the team has continued to work on the plans to address the comments received and how now reached a possition where they are able to bring forward an update proposal.

“The gross size of the store has been reduced by 24% in response to requests to make it more appropriate in size for the village.

“The existing Village Hall will not be relocated and will remain where it is, however improvements to the hall are being proposed.

“Deliverties would no longer need to enter the centre of the village to service the store and would now arrive from the south via Warwick Road.

“Increased number of parking spaces to support the village centre.”

The exhibition will take place from 11am to 7pm on Friday and 10am to 4.30pm on Saturday. Kimberley and Waitrose staff will be there to answer questions.

For further information call 0800 298 7040 or give your views online at

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  1. Have no idea why they need to build around the village hall - hardly a historic building but hey-ho, hopefully new plan will be well received

  2. Waitrose will be fantastic,it will bring jobs to the area,staff are friendly and very helpful and the stores are v clean for get all the old people who do not want it. u have got to move with the times,and it will bring tesco which by the way is a terrible shop and unfriendly.BRING IT ON CANNNOT WAIT and am sure the new plan will be very well recieved.

  3. Oh good, Tesco is useless they've always run out of at least half of what you need to buy.

  4. I think Tesco is fine. It is just too small for the no of people trying to use it, which Tesco themselves have acknowledged. Waitrose will hopefully take the pressure off. Waitrose is expensive so I'm glad we'll Tesco as an alternative

  5. Knowle is such a nice place to live in and will certainly be changed by having another supermarket. The Tesco store at Monkspath is only a short distance away by car and surely has everything a shopper wants. I shop in Knowle as much as I can and visit the larger Tesco once a week. If we lose our baker, butchers and greengrocer, it will be such a shame.

  6. This will be of great benefit to the village! I'm fed up with the Tesco and don't see why I should be forced to drive out of the village to do my shopping..

  7. My mother's cottage at 26 Station Road, Knowle, borders the proposed delivery road to waitrose.
    She would like written assurance that:-

    the large heavy lorries won't damage the fabric of her 200 year old cottage.
    the deliveries won't take place after 7pm and before 7am.
    the development won't reduce the value of her property.
    that an attractive 9 foot wall will be erected to side and rear of 26 Station Road at the developer's cost.

    We also require a contact address for Kimberley Developments.

    Her address is Mrs Peggy Jones,
    26 Station Road,
    B93 0HT

    Peter Jones, tel 07891 772 537.

  8. Only 7 until 7 for deliveries hey.

    Pity the poor folk in Dorridge , Sainsbury have applied for permission to deliver from 5am until 11pm.

  9. REL 12:49

    RE: Mr Jones

    I have copied Waitrose's PR people in on your comments.