Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Arden warning over sports pitch funding

ARDEN school is racing against time to build a major new sports development before funding runs out.


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It must have the ‘multi-use games area’ (MUGA) project – three courts and a running track at the bottom of the playing field – completed by March to get cash.

But Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council has said it can only start the works, above, when a road hump for Station Road, near the Purnells Way junction, is approved.

This was a condition on planning permission for the MUGA given by the council in January.

But the school wants to drop the obligation for the hump to be built and instead set aside a pot of cash for road safety works.

It says there is “no guarantee” that the hump will be approved in time for work to be completed by March but hopes this will be the case. The new application is a “fall back”.

The Silhillian reported last week that the council has started the process to get the hump put in.

The school’s planning application says: “It must be clearly understood that Arden Academy recognise the importance of the highway works and prioritise the safety of pupils and staff.”

Cash for the MUGA is coming from Partnership for Schools and is dependent on work being completed by March, it said.

The 64mx37m games area will go on the far south end of the side and will be enclosed by 3m high wire mesh fencing. It will be the size of four tennis courts.

The running track will include a long jump pit and the walkway will be along the western boundary, linking the school to a bridleway at the bottom of the field, off Station Road.

The facilities will be used by the school from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

The new area replaces tennis courts which the school built a teaching block on. As part of the 2005 permission for the block, the school had to replace the courts.

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