Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Detailed look at new MP boundary

THIS is the new parliamentary constituency that would take Knowle and Dorridge out of the Meriden boundary.


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The Kenilworth and Dorridge constituency is part of a nationwide review which aims to cut constituencies from 533 to 502 by 2013.

Like Meriden, the proposed new area voted in Conservative MPs in the 2010 General Election.

The new constituency aligns the villages with Warwickshire to the east rather than places including Chelmsley Wood closer to Birmingham.

About 75,000 people would live in the new constituency. The review is part of moves to produce a similar amount of electors in each constituency.

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  1. What's interesting about these new boundaries is that all three parties locally seem united in disgust. The Tories are really losing a safe seat in Meriden, so they're understandably worried. The Lib Dems might actually be advantaged by the new-look Solihull; losing Shirley, where the Conservatives seem to have the momentum, and gained their Sheldon stronghold. Despite this Lorely Burt has real concerns. And Labour, who should be the winners locally, with their best shot at Meriden for decades, are calling it an electoral monster. All three parties agreeing - how often does that happen! David, Solihull News