Friday, 23 September 2011

Parking ban for Station Road, Dorridge

PARKING will be banned along Station Road in Dorridge under new plans – while a road hump will be built in Knowle.

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Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council has announced plans to put in double yellow lines from past the dual carriageway in the village to the roundabout at Widney Road (notice, map).

The move will combat parents parking on the road to drop children off at Dorridge junior and infant schools.

As previously reported by The Silhillian, the council is moving to put in plans for a road hump on Station Road near the junction with Purnells Way.

Objections can be sent to Mr L Stevenson, Governance Directorate, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, P O Box 18, Solihull, B91 9QS by October 10

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  1. I am sure Sainsbury are delighted with this piece of news.

    Good for road safety of school children but fantastic to help the flow of traffic to their proposed store.

    How two faced of SMBC.

  2. Everyone's a winner then.
    This is great - the sort of proposal that works for all concerned
    Well done SMBC

  3. Another unilateral 'decision' taken by SMBC? - is this Localism in action? should we not expect some discussion and consultation on options here? And is this really a good solution? Just a couple of months ago, the same SMBC was telling us the solution to congestion in Dorridge was to narrow the road to a single carriageway and to actively slow down the traffic. If we try to stop parking in all our roads(including post vans and other delivery vehicles?), will this not simply encourage higher speeds along the straight bits but more apparent congestion at junctions? As an alternative, perhaps we should encourage managed parking along Station Road (e.g. near schools). In effect this would ensure drivers would be forced to take more care and to drive at pedestrian friendly speeds. And would avoid the creeping yellow-line disease and urbanisation of our villages. Interestingly, some councils are actively removing yellow lines in towns and villages for these same reasons. Limit parking at busy times - Yes. Ban parking and turn our residential roads into desolate super-highways, NO!

  4. I feel that the selfish parents who park to drop the children off are responsible for this total ban on parking.

    As persuasion has failed to stop them I see hno altenative to double yellow lines.

    What I think is disgusting is the way that SMBC ignored the problem for so long.

    Now that Sainsbury want to ensure free flow of shoppers and lorries the council act.

    How's back is being scratched??????????????

  5. Will SMBC be putting double yellows outside St George and Theresa school as well? Presumably as Sainsbury's lorries won't be using that route they won't bother!!

  6. I think the DDRA and SMBC have seen the need for the parking in Dorridge to be addressed. Parents parking on Station Road has become more of a problem over time as has that of the commuters. If it means some of the worries raised by the Sainsbury's development are solved then all to the good. Really the only viable objections to the scheme are on the grounds of traffic flow and parking. Glad to see some joined up thinking and the prospect of a great new centre for Dorridge.

  7. "Really the only viable objections to the scheme are on the grounds of traffic flow and parking"

    This isn't so. Read the expert planning report on our website and you'll see several compelling reasons why this store is wrong in planning terms - out of scale for Dorridge and not in line with Solihull MBC's planning guidelines.

    These reports (there's another relating to traffic and parking) haven't been publicised on The Silhillian yet owing to understandable downtime - but we feel that they do add significantly to the debate. The planning legislation and guidelines support the views of a huge number of people that this store is simply out of scale with its setting.

    The reports (and our summary) are available here - or follow the links at (Planning) (Traffic)

    *Supporting a smaller Sainsbury's for Forest Court*

  8. Big thank you to DROVS.

  9. Thanks from us to our supporters whose generous donations helped us to fund these vital reports.

  10. Not more speed bumps, please!

  11. Whats the pt of this? To be effective, this has to be 'policed' meaning alot of $ on surveillance eqpt and time$ on check hrs of footage - or wardens at key times. Why not just paint up smaller length of tarmac and a bit of wardenning as necessary. Usual story of this boro over many years: totally disproportionate measures at odds with residents wishes. Why dont you wimps vote the b******s out. A former resident