Monday, 26 September 2011

Sainsbury's decision expected on October 19

COUNCILLORS will be asked to make a decision on a Sainsbury’s plan for Dorridge on October 19, planners hope.

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The council told The Silhillian it hopes the October 19 meeting of the planning committee will be presented with the scheme for decision.

The meeting will be held at the council’s offices in Solihull town centre at 4.30pm. The public are welcome to attend.

A council officer has to prepare a report setting out the plan and make a recommendation to approve or refuse the scheme. Councillors can approve, refuse or defer the plan.

The officers' report will be placed online about a week before the meeting.

The following meeting is November 9.

Sainsbury’s submitted a detail planning application in July.

It proposes an 1,812sqm store, 26 per cent smaller than a 2,460sqm plan thrown out by the council last year.

The council’s planning officer recommended councillors back that plan but it was rejected over its size and traffic concerns.

The overall size of the new plan will be 14 per cent smaller, from 5,140sqm to 4,414sqm.

Six other shops units will be provided, four along Station Road, and two at the store front by the present steps of the shopping centre. A restaurant will be provided on the first floor.

Customer access would be via Avenue Road to a car park slightly higher than Forest Road.

This would provide 179 spaces compared to 213 under the store in the previous plan and 91 now.

If approved, the firm hopes for a 2013 opening.

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  1. Please can those in favour try to go along just to create a balanced view? We know Drovs will be there, with vitriol in abundance. It would be great to get a balanced debate and range of views represented for a change.

  2. No debate takes place at the planning meeting whatsoever. Everyone who applies (and is accepted) is given 3 minutes to give their view/presentation (and these are restricted) .... the rest of the "audience" have to sit in silence, in fact if you do make comment/noise you are likely to be "asked to leave".

  3. I was planning to attend the meeting and have my say but after being harassed by a couple of DROVS who I knew from many years ago and who had seen my name on the planning application, I think I'll keep my head down instead.

  4. Hello "Am I bovered".

    "We know Drovs will be there, with vitriol in abundance".

    That's a great start to the "balanced debate" isn't it?

    I suppose Sainsbury's will be there with tea and cakes - not to mention a utopian vision for Dorridge where surgery patients and shoppers co-exist in harmony beneath the floodlights on the rooftop carpark while the newly planted saplings sway gently in the breeze.

    This isn't about DROVS vs. Sainsbury's or even development vs. no development.

    It's about getting a store here that's sensibly sized - and most people I talk to don't want something that's more than three times the size of Tesco Knowle in a residential setting.

  5. I don't know of anyone who wants it as currently planned.

  6. On the contrary 11.20, I haven't spoken to ANYONE who is not happy with the size. Perhaps I'm mixing in the wrong circle of Dorridge people??????

  7. Mathews comment Is interesting but highlights the sterility of the DROVS campaign. What is the DROVS vision? Retention of the existing semi-derelict site or some vision of a small collection of antique dealers and craft shops? Smaller might be nice but will not work economically I suspect. Put simply, it will take a Sainsburys or similar to re-vitalise the area and we wouldn't do it without making an economic profit so why shoudl they?. I for one am in favour and want to offer my kids a future for Dorridge with a little bit of life in it.

    PS; if I could be bothered with the DROVS website drivel I'd have cast a vote in favour of Sainsburys but they don't want to hear that!

  8. @18:44

    DROVS has no responsibilty to have a vision. We are a here on a voluntary basis to act as a focal point for opposition to the current plans.

    As it happens, we entirely support a Sainsbury's on Forest Court. To ensure that this was clearly understood we proposed our own "alternative plan" (viewable on our website) and wrote an Open Letter to Justin King, Sainsbury's CEO earlier in the year.

    However, we do believe that the current plans are for a town-centre sized store - way out of scale with its setting. The views of over 1000 supporters and the opinion of our expert consultants back up this stance.

    We are progressive, positive about development and certainly not about Ye Olde Shoppes and half-day closing.

    We've always sought to ensure that people understand this position clearly in our various leaflets and online. DROVS opponents complain that we have been overly vocal in expressing our position but still it seems it is not widely understood.

    On a related note, the recent residents' survey illustrates that, worryingly, there are people supporting the current plans who don't understand how big this scheme is.

    18:44 - we're sorry you think our website is drivel; there is no way to "cast a vote in favour of Sainsbury's" there. You can, of course, write to the planners and councillors to express your views, whether you support or oppose the current scheme.

    *Supporting a smaller Sainsbury's for Forest Court*

  9. 18:44 - It's worrying how easily people can place Sainsbury's profitability ahead of what is right for Dorridge. No doubt you will argue that you are just being "realistic" and I doubt anyone would disagree, however compliant acceptance of the proposed size of this store makes absolutely no sense given the obvious detrimental impacts it will have on our environment and ultimately our community. Not a legacy I would want for my children...

  10. I'm guessing that none of you actually work in forest court. if you did you'd know how scary that place is now, especially with winter coming. i am worried for people's safety. something needs to be done ASAP!

  11. I'm sorry you feel unsafe in your work environment and I agree it needs to be replaced but not with the current proposal which is totally inappropriate and will bring problems all of its own, especially for those living near by.