Tuesday, 18 October 2011

£1 taxi fare plan mooted

CABS on their way back to taxi ranks could be hailed for a £1 flat rate under plans being considered by council bosses.

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Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council is considering the scheme for hackney carriages returning to ranks in the town centre.

Of drivers surveyed, 48 supported the plan (42.1 per cent) and 66 opposed it (57.9 per cent).

The survey also found 63 per cent thought private hires were illegally being hailed in the town centre. Only licensed hackney carriages can be hailed.

Some 38 per cent said a council-backed marshall system for the Poplar Road rank is unsatisfactory.

While only 11 per cent said too many hackney carriage licenses were being issued, 94 per cent backed a temporary cap on numbers.

Most councils do not cap the number of hackney licenses. Some 74 per cent were in favour of a two year cap.

The survey also found some drivers want a rank at Solihull Station and a one-way system in the town centre.

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