Monday, 31 October 2011

Booze plan for Knowle boutique

A BID has been made to sell alcohol at a new fashion boutique and cafe in Knowle.

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The Catwalk Cafe in Kenilworth Road has applied to Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council to sell alcohol and play recorded music from 9.30am to 6pm.

The store – to include a “French style cafe” – is to go in Knowle Decorating & Building Supplies Ltd, which closed in November last year.

A photographic studio will also be on the site. The council gave planning permission for the development in August.

One objection was lodged on the council’s website, from a resident who lives opposite.

They said: “I am very concerned, living directly opposite the proposed shop, regarding customer car parking as previously I have endured numerous incidents with customers parking on my drive and blocking my drive by parking on double yellow lines which did nothing to deter people in the past.

“Parking in Knowle is extremely limited, particularly in the immediate vicinity.”

They said: “There are already several cafes in the village, one opened only just recently and doubt that another is necessary.

“We also have numerous clothes shops in the village and would have thought that housing would have been more appropriate.”

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