Monday, 31 October 2011

Booze plan for Knowle boutique

A BID has been made to sell alcohol at a new fashion boutique and cafe in Knowle.

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The Catwalk Cafe in Kenilworth Road has applied to Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council to sell alcohol and play recorded music from 9.30am to 6pm.

The store – to include a “French style cafe” – is to go in Knowle Decorating & Building Supplies Ltd, which closed in November last year.

A photographic studio will also be on the site. The council gave planning permission for the development in August.

One objection was lodged on the council’s website, from a resident who lives opposite.

They said: “I am very concerned, living directly opposite the proposed shop, regarding customer car parking as previously I have endured numerous incidents with customers parking on my drive and blocking my drive by parking on double yellow lines which did nothing to deter people in the past.

“Parking in Knowle is extremely limited, particularly in the immediate vicinity.”

They said: “There are already several cafes in the village, one opened only just recently and doubt that another is necessary.

“We also have numerous clothes shops in the village and would have thought that housing would have been more appropriate.”

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  1. I fully agree with what the neighbour to this unnecessary cafe cum clothes shop cum photo studio cum goodness knows what else is saying.

  2. The objection as given in this article implies that they would object to any occupation of the commercial unit on the grounds of parking. Not convinced that empty units is the way forward at this time. On the surface, the proposed business itself sounds like a rather bizarre and perhaps a confused concept, but it is encouraging that there are those willing to take the risk and set up in business in these difficult times.

  3. A completely ridiculous and totally unnecessary use of these premises.What on earth is the council thinking of by giving planning permission? There are far too many food outlets of this sort in Knowle already.There is a lack of common sense and concern on the part of the council.As usual!

  4. Let's let the market decide if there is a need - at least someone wants to pay council business rates, VAT, rent, wages etc at this time.

  5. Objecting to people parking isn't an objection about the license application. This business will generate less direct traffic than the Dec used to and won't be in vans either, so the traffic impact should be less anyway.

    The license is fine, it's daytime only so the business wants to get people in for a glass of wine with food - fine with that.

    Agree with the confused concept, but as long as it's properly defined spaces (unlike what went into the old Threshers shop which was a right mess of a business) it might work. As I understand from the plans, the studio is in the outbuilding so completely separate to the main shop.

    Fair play to them for trying to get the business going.

  6. i suspect the usual people are objecting on 'principle' though quite what the principle is i couldn't say. no to costa, no to waitrose, no to cafes, and very strangely no to clothes shops...

  7. "Booze Plan" seems quite an antagonistic phrase to use when residents are clearly concerned about the unknown. The cafe is a quality business which is providing employment for local people. I understand there will be no "boozing" on the premises, the license is merely to allow customers to enjoy a glass of wine with a meal.

  8. The cafe is now open. It seems a symbol of how Knowle is changing, away from service style shops like the DIY store to more unique shops offering luxury type services, the sort people like going to the village for rather than buying online or at an out of town store.

  9. What a wonderful idea the boutique style cafe is. A place which will happily accommodate pushchairs with plenty of space. Unlike other places in Knowle.

    What a derogatory term to use 'booze'! My understanding is people will be able to have a glass of wine with food. What exactly are are people objecting to? A case of fear of the unknown I suppose! People being afraid of change.

    Surely the cafe should be commended for vastly improving the building, and providing employment for local people in a time where so many areas are being affected by unemployment.

    With regard to parking issues, as I recall the previous premises constantly had large commercial vehicles parked outside both at the front and the rear.

    Let us give the cafe our support and a chance for them to make a real go of the business, and stop being so negative about something we all know very little about.

  10. I personally visited the catwalk cafe yesterday with my husband and baby daughter and had a lovely experience, i think the concept is a great idea and the cafe is beautiful. Let's encourage this in Knowle, it is a independent business which will help Knowle retain its charm and individuality as opposed to be swallowed up by high street names which seems to happen more and more these days. It will bring revenue and employment to the village - surely that is what we need at present as opposed to people who are ill informed just judging and opposing businesses that will help this country get back on it's feet. Give independent businesses a chance - they need all the support they can get! Besides I think the frontage looks beautiful and fits into Knowle very well. Go and see for yourself.

  11. Agree with last comment - and also must say that there are far too many selfish, negative busy-bodies living in and around Knowle who detest any kind of change. New, independent businesses should be welcomed. I personally live just around the corner, within a 2 min walk of the new business in question and am looking forward to visiting it in the very near future. We should be supporting fresh new ventures of this kind, not trying to find baseless reasons to shoot them down in flames.

  12. I also agree - I live on the Kenilworth road and the last thing I want to see is empty units
    around the village centre
    Good luck to the venture

  13. Turn empty units into (much needed) housing!

  14. £25 for afternoon tea?

  15. Yes..£25 for afternoon tea for TWO!!!

  16. The price of a cup of coffee or tea is the same as anywhere else - the tea for 2 is a different, more elaborate thing. You don't have to have it!