Monday, 24 October 2011

Council chief exec's pay rise

THE pay of the chief executive of Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council went up last year, new figures show.

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Mark Rogers was paid £130,11 in 2010/11, new accounts show, up from £127,651 and £122,745 in the previous two years. He is being paid the same this year.

The employers’ pension contribution to Mr Rogers was £25,070 compared to £21,736 the year before.

The figures show six other top bosses took home more cash last year than the year before.

The second highest paid was the director of resources who was paid £100,937 compared to £96.798 the year before (click here for figures, p76).

Yet the number of staff earning more than £50,000 fell from 194 to 185 after rising from 167 the previous year.

Councillors were paid £542,000 in allowances compared to £527,000 the previous year.

The figures show then council leader, Liberal Democrat Ian Hedley, was paid the most, a £7,688.04 basic allowance and £17,281.34 special responsibility allowance.

Conservative group leader Ken Meeson claimed the most expenses for travel and food, £972.40.

The council is making £15.2m of savings this year to balance a budget of £148.1m.

This has led to cuts in youth services and a massive hike in fees for day centres.

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  1. Over-paid and under-worked. CEs of Councils need ro be downgraded in terms of status and remuneration. Unimpressed totally by what I've seen and heard of Mr Rogers. The argument that you have to pay to ge the best just doesn't work. I'm sure we could get better for less. If he's not happy with his vast salary, then he should resign and move on.

  2. The PM stated we are all in this together, if only.

  3. I suppose our Council Tax will go up again to keep in line with the Chief Executive's Salary .
    Our young people will still face unemployment
    probably from the Council making savings !
    Our Elderly will face increased fees for their
    Centre Visits BUT the Chief Exec simply cannot live on £130,00 pa without a pay rise and Councillor Meeson could not serve adequately without nearly £1000 pa travel expenses.Poor Souls!!!

  4. I've met him and he's worth every penny, has a vision and understanding of what is required to balance the books for Solihull. He is effectively in charge of a company with 4000 staff and a budget in the hundreds of millions - for that responsibility you have to pay a competitive salary.

    And no I don't work for the council - I run a business in Solihull and want my council money spent wisely to keep me in business. There are jobsworths in the council but the chief exec isn't one of them.