Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Dorridge Sainsbury's D-Day tonight

COUNCILLORS will be asked to make a decision on a Sainsbury's plan for Dorridge tonight and you can get the result right here.

Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council's planning committee will be asked to make a decision from 6pm at the council chamber, next to Touchwood.

The Silhillian will tweet the result here as soon as it is available and updates throughout the meeting where possible.

A full report will appear online tonight. Click here for all Sainsbury's stories.


  1. Hurray! Common sense has prevailed

  2. What a pity townies couldn't stay in the towns and live villages to people who like a quieter life.

  3. A very sad day for Dorridge.

  4. We are not shocked but extremely disappointed.

  5. Thank god for that. I was sick of looking at the dump.

  6. To the families who will be adversely affected by this decision you have my sympathies.

  7. Speed cameras in Avenue Road please. It's bad enough now.

  8. Yes and Poplar Road too- 8 buses an hour and double parking and now an overflow car park to a superstore!

  9. There may have been accidents on Station Road, including my son who was knocked off his bicycle by a parent dropping off her child at Arden, but I can't remember any involving large lorries. I think it's the erratic driving of people in a hurry that I would be more concerned about! Anyway, I'm glad to see that we can soon see an improvement to Dorridge shopping.

  10. Tired of all this1 December 2011 at 12:56

    I'm saddened by this site. All of the other news stories get so little attention from the community other than bitching about if there should be a supermarket or not. If people cared enough about the rest of the articles perhaps we can all achieve a little bit more good for the region. People need to take some responsibility - the poster above demanding speed cameras as an example - if you want them, what will YOU do to try and get them? Don't leave it all to others, though others may offer to help if you made the offer.

    Just a thought...

  11. To tired of all this,
    It may help you to know that the post re "speed cameras" was politely put by a family member (non Dorridge resident) of a very old Avenue Road resident that is both partially sighted and slow and does not have internet access, so please do not be so quick to judge.
    If the elderly are to be encouraged to use the new shops etc. then it needs to be safe for them to do so and at the moment many cars speed up and down Avenue Road.

  12. Tired of all this2 December 2011 at 10:02

    That's fair comment - however how am I to know the context if it's not given beforehand?

    While I agree with the sentiment, it's not limited to Avenue Road. Station Road, Longdon Road where the roads are long and straight - I followed a car down Station Road last night which was promptly overtaken - the guy was doing 30 but the overtaker wasn't. Cars speed everywhere - fact of life but not one that we need to put up with.

    My point wasn't directly aimed at you, I used your post as an example. DROVS at least joined together for a common aim (whether the wider community wanted it or not, but that's a different discussion), and Knowle and Dorridge are well supplied by community groups who perhaps should be taking more of an active part in these wider community issues.

  13. To Tired of all this.

    No worries. Not being a Dorridge resident anymore I am caught between a rock and a hard place in that I am trying to look after my parents best interests but at the same time not interfering in decisions that don't concern me personally. I only referred to Avenue Road because I know the road well and have seen on many a time the speed some drivers go.
    Although I worry about elderly parents it could so easily be a child or pet that is hurt or another resident trying to reverse out of a drive between parked shoppers cars.
    If I lived in the UK I would be more than happy to help but I don't and therefore in theory it is none of my business but I wish you all well.

  14. I am sure much of the considerable anger shown on this site is because it was emotional not factual. There was no informed debate. How many residents can tell you how big the new store will be in comparison with Tesco in Knowle?

    There has not been an open discussion about this development. DDRA failed to do this. If you compare The Knowle Society and the Waitrose application and DDRA and Sainsbury's there is no comparison. Knowle knows what is being proposed, the details have been reviewed, and debated. If it gets developed, no one will be surprised.

    DDRA's negotiating stance of lying on the floor with their legs in the air, was totally ineffective and led to much of the division. They should be ashamed of themselves.

    The answer is 3 1/4 times bigger.

  15. Tired of all this2 December 2011 at 18:27

    Steve, Agree completely on all points.

    It's very easy to shout your mouth off on a site like this anonymously, as has been proven in the many months up to now. Where did it get anyone?

    If you look at the latest DDRA site it does lead with the Sainsburys issue but the site itself hasn't been updated since the planning meeting and so is out of date. If they really are the hub of the community, you'd have thought someone would be managing the spread of information a bit better, it's almost like they are relying on this site to do it.

    When you say it like that, 3 1/4 larger doesn't actually sound that big either as tesco in Knowle is tiny.