Friday, 18 November 2011

Homes plan for Four Ashes Road

PLANS for 38 new homes off Four Ashes Road in Bentley Heath have been put forward by a developer.


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Crest Nicholson is to apply to Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council for the two, three and four bedroom homes near Packwood Close.

The council has already backed the principle of homes on the site in a blueprint of future development to 2026.

A leaflet delivered to homes by the developer said: “There is a shortage of housing in Solihull to meet future requirements and land needs to be found to provide new homes for the future.”

The homes are part of a larger area identified in the council’s core strategy, which has yet to be finalised. It was formerly in the Green Belt.

Crest Nicholson said there would be affordable housing but did not say how much. The council could demand up to 40 per cent affordable.


The developer said: “The proposed development will provide an efficient use of land achieving a mix of housing with a high quality design.

“Careful consideration has been given to scale, density, form and layout of the development to ensure that it is in character with the local area.”

Vehicle access will be to Four Ashes Road. The council has said the site would take up to 150 homes.

The core strategy also proposes 100 homes to the back of Knowle Primary School off Hampton Lane and 90 homes at Middlefield to the back of Arden School.


Last month The Knowle Society urged the council to remove at least one of the Knowle sites but backed the Four Ashes plan.

This is as it would have “the least direct impact on Knowle and therefore being the most acceptable to our community”.

It sai: “It is also reasonably close to a primary school and basic shopping facilities.

“While it is not very well served by public transport it does have access to a through road from Solihull and to the Stratford Road.”

Crest Nicholson is seeking views by the end of today (see leaflet) and a planning application will be submitted later this month. The council will have the final decision.

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  1. Yet another piece of England's green and pleasant land going under concrete, gone forever. Still, at least it is not a whopping great supermarket.

  2. This must not happen. There is not sufficient capacity at the local school, traffic will be worse, and yet another part of what makes this area beautiiful will be destroyed. Please think again.

  3. Affordable Housing? I couldn't afford to buy my first house in the Knowle/Dorrdige area and had to live elsewhere. After 14 years (years of saving) and 3 house purchases later i was able to move back into the area. I would like to live on Lady Byron Lane now,can the council please provide me an affordable house there please.....

  4. Well put 21:05.

    How many will be opposed to new housing but in favour of the King-sized store?

    I think that's a diffcult position to occupy; the store is planned at the size it is precisely to support this kind of growth in Knowle and Dorridge - not to give Dorridge residents plenty of elbow room to at the deli counter.

    If you support one development, but not the other, may I suggest you need to reconsider.

  5. Woodchester Road Resident22 November 2011 at 08:01

    We do need housing and I do hope that the emphasis will be on "affordable" housing. We don't need any more 5 bed-room, 5-bathroom houses. 2/3 bedroom houses ARE needed!