Thursday, 3 November 2011

No Sainsbury's decision next week

COUNCILLORS will not be asked to decide on a Sainsbury’s plan for Dorridge next week as hoped by planners.

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Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council’s planning officers had hoped the Forest Court plan be put to the planning committee on Wednesday.

This was after hopes it would be considered by the committee on October 19 were dash.

Officers have to prepare a report for councillors to consider outlining whether they think the plan should be approved or rejected.

This can include revisions by the developer. A larger Sainsbury’s plan was recommended for approval last year but rejected by councillors.

The next meeting of the planning committee is expected to take place on November 30.

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  1. Dorridge road resident4 November 2011 at 08:00

    Bring on a nice big store that no-one but locals will use as there are so many other supermarkets in the vicinity to choose from!
    Looking forward to getting rid of the current dump

  2. Is it only me who wonders why, in the two years since Sainsburys announced their unilateral policy to develop Dorrridge Village centre, despite requests, we have had not one public meeting where we could meet, as a community, and discuss this?

    Knowle Society has called two public meetings to discuss Waitrose's proposals, which are proportionately much smaller than Sainsburys'.

    DDRA Comittee, for some reason best known to themselves, seem reluctant to provide this basic function for the community it claims to represent.

    If you, like me, think a public community meeting would be helpful, not least to get an update on what is going on and a chance to hear all views, calmly put, and to meet your neighbours and other members of the community that we live in - why not give your DDRA committee member a call - or write a 'letter to the editor'?

  3. There's nothing to stop you organising one!

  4. Woodchester Road Resident6 November 2011 at 17:22

    Extremely disappointed that the decision has been delayed yet again. The longer the decision is delayed, the more uncertainty there is. Meanwhile the reputation of Dorridge suffers. Would you want to move into an area with a derelict site right bang in the middle? Are the planners looking to give Waitrose the go ahead and then say that there is no need for Sainsbury's as there are already two supermarkets in Knowle? I hope not! Dorridge is as important as Knowle. We want Sainsbury's now!

  5. 17:22 I'm sure there are plenty of people who would be delighted to move into Dorridge with or without a run-down shopping centre.

    You hardly notice what's there now - which will not be the case once Sainsbury's is blasting its business into our faces from 5am to 11pm.

  6. 7.11.11 - 10.40
    You might not 'see' it. I can assure you any new person visiting the area does and most of the locals do - its horrible.
    but then - none so blind as will not see.
    I think when Sainsbury's is in place, Station approach done up, landscaping, new surgery and canopy for the station are all done - at last the centre will be somewhere to be proud of.

  7. Unless you happen to live near it ....then you can look forward to constant noise and light pollution.

    Then we will be told all those extra visitors need additional watering hole facilities.The independent shops will not survive and they will be turned into bars, cafes etc

    I didn't see the purchasers of houses on Four Ashes being put off by the lack of a superstore in the VILLAGE. They choose expensive homes in Dorridge because they liked it JUST THE WAY IT WAS.

    When the planning application for house went in there wasn't a caveat saying that a huge supermarket would follow.

  8. When 4 Ashes was built, there was still a viable shopping centre.
    Why do people insist on calling it a "superstore"? Emotive in the extreme! Morrison's in Solihull ceratinlt doesn't coe into that category.
    Many visitors have commented unfavourably on the appearance of the centre of Dorridge.
    Many nearby residents are also in favour of Sainsbury's proposal.

  9. listen to yourself - constant noise and light pollution - hyperbole in extreme.
    Maybe you really believe this and are actually frightening yourself.
    2x size of knowle tesco - same lighting issues.
    Same opening hours - same noise.
    People on four ashes bought in spite of forest court - not because of it - I should know I am one of those people.
    I look forward to the redevelopment.

  10. As if Forest Court 'just the way it is' draws people to buy here!
    What a deranged idea!!

  11. I should imagine that for the majority of those living on Four Ashes, Tesco's will still be nearer if/when Sainsbury's is built in the village!!!!

  12. DDRA represents all Dorridge residents and as such should remain impartial. DROVS represents all those against the current proposal and have shown great commitment to their cause. There was nothing to stop those for the proposal forming their own group and campaigning properly instead of employing the annoying "opposition party" tactics.

    Perhaps then DDRA could have chaired a debate where both groups could have put forward their points in a civilised manner.

    Community discussion is much needed, Sainsbury's "spin" is not.

  13. 19.49 I agree, Forest Court does not draw people to Dorridge but there is so much else that is more important that does. i.e, excellent schools, peaceful, safe environment, lovely surrounding countryside, lovely homes, trees and excellent public transport and close proximity to any number of large supermarkets.

    However, should the proposed supermarket go ahead I suspect there will be many that will consider leaving, especially those in the older more established areas close to the centre. Places like Lapworth will seem far more appealing.

  14. Lapworth will only seem appealing if you are prepared to drive to do all your shopping and want to live without other facilities.
    I suspect most local people will use the new supermarket and very quickly get used to the new set-up -give it a year and everyone will wonder what all the fuss was about.
    Find it hard to believe anyone would leave the area because it gains a good supermarket and looses Forest Court.
    I suspect the opposite is actually true

  15. Smaller store supporter14 November 2011 at 14:33

    It's an irrelevance to say that most local people will use the supermarket. Of course they will - me included.

    That doesn't prove that it's the right size for its setting. As the residents' survey reported on here show, most people - 99% in fact - would happily use a smaller store!

    At the current size, you'll be drawing a great deal of traffic INTO the village, via the same few roads. (Currently we all drive out along different routes). As for where everyone will park... have Sainsbury's answered DROVS' questions yet?

  16. All answers to DROVS questions are given here:

    I spotted in the weekend papers that they had answered via their own web site ... makes interesting reading, but some of the answers, in my opinion, are somewhat unconvincing - certainly around the parking issues anyway!