Friday, 23 December 2011

Arden sports pitch plan approved

A PLAN for an expanded sports facility on Arden school's playing field was approved by councillors last night. Click here for details of the plan.


  1. Grumpy Old Woman9 January 2012 at 14:10

    Just to note that the plan is not approved due to various procedural issues (deliberately trying to rush it through when that would not happen for other applicants) and it returns to the committee on Wednesday.

    The report is a classic Planning Officer trying to make a case rather than a neutral presentation of the arguments.

    The worst example is that the Environment Officer makes it clear that there are issues and objects if there is to be public use, and the Planning Officer tries to claim that a previous report that said that it should not be built near neighbours' gardens did not say this because of potential nuisance, and contrary to the previous decision, tries various arguments to say that public use is irrelevant to the decision.

    No doubt the Knowle Councillors who involved themselves with the discussions at the school will be sitting on the committee to vote it through again.

    I can't imagine that the planning committee will overturn their own decision, but there are an amazing number of mal-administrations pointed out on file at the council.

  2. I am planning to attend this meeting for the site.

    Full details here: