Friday, 30 December 2011

Dorridge street amongst most expensive

THREE streets in Solihull and one in Dorridge have been named in the top ten most expensive for house prices in the West Midlands.

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Lloyds TSB put Knowle Wood Road in Dorridge and Alderbrook, Widney Manor and Park Avenue Among the most expensive.

The top ten is:

Quarry Park Road, Stourbridge (£1,070,000)
Rosemary Hill Road, Sutton Coldfield (£990,000)
Alderbrook Road, Solihull (£939,000)
Widney Manor Road, Solihull (£860,000)
Belwell Grange, Sutton Coldfield (£797,000)
Park Avenue, Solihull, (£783,000)
Pattingham Road, Wolverhampton (£775,000)
Knowle Wood Road, Solihull, (£764,000)
Frederick Road, Birmingham (£759,000)
Church Road, Warwick (£750,000)

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  1. Where is the grumpy comment from some miserable bugger about house prices plummeting with the arrival of Sainsburys in dorridge??? Come on guys- give us something to laugh about!

  2. This list is rather silly, no doubt derived from sales info. The nicest houses in the best rds owned by people who wouldnt dream of moving will rarely show up let the agents make the lists and make a few bob. Me? Cant stand the area any more - cos of all the urbanisation and creeping development, housing increases, and white lines etc. Anon former resident.

  3. Where is Lady Byron Lane ?

    1. between warwick road copt heath and browns lane Knowle can be a very busy road?

    2. It's otherwise known as "Upper Tilehouse Green Lane"