Friday, 16 December 2011

Objections over homes plan for front garden

A BID to build two houses on the front garden of a home in Knowle Wood Road, Dorridge has drawn objections from neighbours.


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The plan for the detached homes on the front gardens of 21 and 21a has seen eight letters of objection sent to Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council.

They said the homes would be “totally out of character” with the road and were an “inappropriate, over-intensive development”.

The Dorridge and District Residents Association were among the objectors the plan, submitted by Terry Webber for the garden opposite Bushwood Drive.

But a council officer’s report says councillors should approve the scheme as it would not “unduly into the streetscene or harm the local distinctiveness of the area”.

The plan “would retain the spacious character of the surrounding area, having a layout that is typical of surrounding plots” they said.

There are “spacious gaps” to neighbours, it says.

And it said much vaunted rules introduced by the coalition Government to stop “garden grabbing” did not mean the plan should be refused.

This took gardens out of the definition of previously developed land, which is easier to get permission to build on.

But the report says this “does not create a presumption against housing on all garden sites” and council policies backed using small parcels of land for housing.

Another plan to be considered by councillors includes demolishing a bungalow at 70 Avenue Road for a six bedroom detached house.

Five objections were received with concerns over “visual intrusion” on neighbours, overdevelopment and loss of gaps between properties.

But the planning officer again recommended approval, saying the plan “would
be in keeping with the existing scale and character of the area and of a design
that would complement its surroundings”.

The council’s planning committee will be asked to make a decision on both plans when it meets on Wednesday at 4.30pm. The public can attend.

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