Sunday, 11 December 2011

Solihull Sixth Form College downgraded by inspectors

INSPECTORS have downgraded their rating of Solihull Sixth Form College.

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Ofsted rated the Widney Road college as satisfactory compared to good in a 2009 inspection on a scale of outstanding, good, satisfactory or inadequate.

The college’s capacity to improve and leadership and management was also moved from outstanding to good. Then quality of provision went from good to satisfactory.

The latest inspection found “the variability in standards between subjects has yet to be eradicated”.

It said: The college is recovering from a period of major staff changes during which students’ outcomes remained static and few significant improvements were made to the quality of provision.”

It said the proportion of students who get A and B grades is below average and there are “significant variations” in results between subjects, which are “very low” for AS-level maths, history and physics.

The report said: “The majority of lessons are good but the quality of lesson planning is often unsatisfactory.”

It added: “Teaching and learning are satisfactory. The quality of lessons observed by inspectors was mostly good, but with a significant minority of satisfactory lessons and very few that were outstanding.”

Effective lessons challenge students, it said, but some focus on the whole group which does not give more able students “sufficient opportunities to develop their own solutions”.

This meant more able students get “insufficient challenge and their progress is slower than it should be”.

And it said support for literacy and innumeracy is “underdeveloped”.

But it said managers had now “generated a greater sense of urgency” to measure and improve on teacher effectiveness.

He said: “Curriculum managers are clear about what is expected of them, and are beginning to work well together to implement improvements, particularly to the quality of teaching and learning.”

Students are also “exceptionally happy” it said and “feel very safe and are treated fairly”.

Academic coaches have been introduced but it was too early to assess their impact, it said.

It also said the college provides a good range of courses.

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  1. I have been to the college this year after it seemed to be all good on the open days and introduction days but after having taken my January exams it is clear, especially in maths and physics department are very unorganised and the teaching is terrible with teachers unable to give support as they do not have the time. they are more concerned with putting you on commitment interviews then anything else especially in maths with one member of the maths department who is the most sarcastic and arrogant teacher you will ever have. other subjects are ok but the colleges choice of exams boards are rubbish and overall there are a lot of students that retake the year that attend the college so in lesson work is skipped over as the majority of the class says they get it as they have covered it before. therefore making it very hard for some student as they expect you to know it already and then are shocked out of there mind when you do not and ask for help. then they give you a quick explanation which is useless as you still will not understand and then treat you as if you are mentally slow for the rest of the year as you asked for help. overall if you have dreams of getting somewhere and not having to change college after you AS then do not attend here as you will only realise how bad it is once you actually go there.