Friday, 13 January 2012

Neighbour helps get "overbearing" house plan rejected

PLANS to knock down a bungalow on Avenue Road, Dorridge for a six- bedroom, two-storey house have been thrown out by planners.


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Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council’s planning committee threw out the scheme despite its officer recommending approval.

They said the home would be “overbearing” on neighbours and too big.

Brian Hill, who lives at number 72, told councillors: “The full depth of the house will run along our rear garden.”

It would be “highly visually intrusive, oppressive, overbearing when viewed from our rear garden” he said, adding: We would call it an eyesore.”

Mr Hill said: “We have been disadvantaged so our neighbour can build an ambitious property.”

Five neighbours opposed the plan, by Hari Thind, with concerns over its visual impact and loss of trees.

A council planning officer told members: “While there would be an impact on number 72, it is considered that that impact would not be sufficiently harmful for a recommendation of refusal.”

Their report said conifer trees in the garden of 72 would partially screen the new house which would “not significantly increase overlooking”.

Committee member Alan Martin said he was “very uneasy” about the plan.

He said: “The evening sun is likely to be excluded from a large part of their garden.
Their pleasure will be considerably diminished by having such a large thing next door.”

Councillor Jim Ryan said: “It is rather overbearing and out of character with the street scene.”

Yet he said he could support the plan because of the amount of space around the proposed house. He and Councillor Glenis Slater supported the scheme while the other six voted it down.

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