Monday, 20 February 2012

£50,000 raid burglar jailed

A BURGLAR who stole £30,000 worth of goods from a house in Dorridge and caused £20,000 worth of damage has been jailed for nearly three years.

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Nathan Lumbard, 22, broken into the Mill Pool Lane home and disabled the owner’s CCTV system, which he stole with £30,000 of property.

He caused £20,000 of damage during the March 28 raid, Solihull police said in a press release.

But he was forensically traced from a section of glove dropped at the scene.

He was arrested on July 14 and admitted burglary but failed to return to court to be sentenced.

He was found and put into custody on December 18 to await sentencing.

Lumbard, of Greaves Square, Druids Heath, was sentenced to two years and eight months on Monday at Leamington Justice Centre.

Detective Constable Ian Atherley said: “I am very pleased with the sentencing and the fact that he's no longer able to walk the streets and harm our communities.”

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  1. well done the police and the justice system. It is a shame that peoples lives can be so easily violated by these low life people,who have all the time in the world to plan their next exploits for easy cash. I wonder if he had a habit to feed or just has no respect for anyone except maybe himself?

  2. So many burglaries in Knowle recently. I know three people who were burgled just before Christmas, it's so upsetting and such an shock and upheaval for everyone in their family to get over, especially the children. Glad this once got caught!