Saturday, 18 February 2012

MP Spelman gets injunction over son story

MERIDEN MP Caroline Spelman has won a High Court injunction to stop a newspaper publishing a story about her son.

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Yet the Conservative failed in her bid to get a “superinjunction” to stop the existence of the order being revealed.

Mrs Spelman and her husband, Mark, got the emergency injunction on behalf of their 17-year-old son Jonathan on Saturday last week.

The order prevented the Daily Star Sunday from publishing “sensitive personal information” about him.

The High Court ruled that the MP had a reasonable expectation of privacy that was not outweighed by the public interest in the story being published.

In a written judgment, Mr Justice Lindblom said the story would have a “very significant harmful effect on the claimant” and a “harmful effect on his ... emotional well-being”.

The newspaper accepted that Mrs Spelman's position as cabinet secretary was a "legitimate and relevant aspect of its story".

The Judge, who pointed the the teenager is a minor, said: “This is, I accept, a case in which sensitive personal information is involved.”

There was a "political dimension which cannot be ignored" but the story was not in the public interest "to a significant degree".

But overturning the bid for a “superinjunction” he said the family had been given "sufficient protection" with the injunction.

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