Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Safety fears over Knowle exit

A CALL to block the gap between Bread Collection and Whispers in the High Street, Knowle to vehicles is unlikely to succeed, a transport boss has said.


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Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council’s Jodie Lee said there is no evidence of collisions or injuries at the site.

Ward councillor Diana Holl-Allen submitted a petition to the council over concerns about highway safety.

Miss Lee said: “The access between No.1701 and No.1703 High Street is privately owned so this issue will need to be discussed with the owner and/or those who maintain the

“It may be possible, for example, to negotiate a route through the service area so that
all vehicles are directed out through the rear access.”

But she said: “It would be difficult for the council to demand a restriction or closure as there is no evidence of any collisions and the risk of somebody being injured is considered low
as vehicles will be rolling forward at very low speed.

“Nevertheless, there a few options which could be considered to help ease the
concerns of pedestrians.

“At similar locations elsewhere in the borough, the council has used bollards or build-outs either side of the access to improve visibility for drivers emerging from the private access and to redirect pedestrians away from the hazard.

“White lining has also been used to alert drivers to the risk and to urge them to be cautious.”

Planning permission was given to the bakery in January 2010 for an extension that would close the gap. This will expire after three years.

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