Thursday, 12 April 2012

Single bin plan for recycling

HOUSEHOLD recycling will go in one bin under new plans.

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The current system of green and black boxes and white sack will be replaced with one 240 litre bin under the proposals.

Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council is to apply to a £250m Government fund aimed at reintroducing weekly bin collections to pay for the changes.

Yet while general rubbish will still be collected weekly, the new recycling wheelie bin will be collected fortnightly. The boxes and sack are currently collected every two weeks.

The council said the move will be “popular with residents as it will reduce the number of containers for recycling and makes it easier”.

It would boost the amount recycled by up to five per cent it said.

People living in flats will get bags to keep their recyclables in, which can be left in a wheelie bin at the property under the plans.

Meanwhile, some residents on benefits will no longer have the council fee waived for collection of bulky items like refrigerators.

They will instead get up to 25 per cent off. For example, a single item would cost £9 with the discount instead of £12.

A council report said the system – which waives about 45 fees a year - is “ad-hoc” as the it is not publicised that some do not have to pay.

Unlike the current system, people do not have to prove they are on benefits but will under the new plans.

About 2,770 collections are made each year and the council said about 490 people will be affected.

The council is also set to scrap charges for replacement bins and containers introduced in April 2010. Some 365 have been paid for in the last 12 months.

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1 comment:

  1. i think this is a better idea,as it will mean sorting is done by others,and will enable the collectors to be more efficient instead of holding up containers when sorting cans from plastics plus bulkier plastic items could be recycled. Recently a low life person dumped a plastic seed tray rack in our lane, so I dismantled it and put it in the white sack., only to find when I returned home it had been taken out and left by the collectors ,no wonder the low life person had dumped it.? Could it have been the wrong type of plastic??