Sunday, 27 May 2012

Arden hall extension approved

THE assembly hall at Arden School is to be expanded in a bid to stop pupils leaving the site for food.

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Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council has given permission for the brickwork extension onto the existing car park and widening of access road.

The school told the council: “The existing servery and dining area are too small to accommodate all the pupils in one sitting.

“This has resulted in the school having to contain pupils in a queue in an adjacent corridor, before allowing them into the dining area as space becomes available.

“This situation serves to encourage pupils to leave the site to obtain their lunch as they will have more choice and will not have to queue.”

This has “negative health and safety” it said. No residents objected to the council. See the plans here.

The council’s planning committee approved the plan on Wednesday.

A planning officers’ report to councillors said: “The proposed extension and alterations to the existing on site access road and parking spaces are considered to be acceptable in terms of their impact upon the visual amenities of the area, the openness of the Green Belt, highway safety and the amenities enjoyed by nearby residents.”

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  1. An excellent idea; long overdue.