Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Back-garden plan for seven Dorridge homes

DEVELOPERS want to build seven detached houses in the back gardens of homes in Manor Road, Dorridge.


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The Banner Homes scheme would involve the demolition of 14 Manor Road (below) for an access road.

The homes would go on part of the back gardens of numbers 10, 12, 16, 18 and 20 Manor Road.

It would go next to Hinchwick Court, a development of eight homes approved in 2002 in the place of four Manor Road homes.

The planning application says: “The scheme as proposed has been assessed against all relevant policies and guidance and has been found to be acceptable.”


It adds: “The scheme should be considered favourably.”

Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council will make a final decision on the plans (below).


Two smaller schemes for the affected houses have rejected by the council and appeals (2006/2007) against these rejected by developers.

In 2006, permission was denied for two homes on land at the back of 10 and 12 Manor Road as it “would be out of keeping with the character of the surrounding street scene”.

Permission was denied in 2007 to knock down 16 Manor Road for four detached homes as it would “adversely affect the character and appearance of the area” and loss of trees.

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  1. Presumably these will be expensive detached homes a-kin to Hinchwick Court...which will sit almost on top of the railway line! No thanks!!

  2. No objection to the bungalow going (although there is a dearth of them in the area). However, 7 houses! No doubt 5 bedroom and 5 bathrooms, but no room for any children to play in the garden! If the scheme has to go ahead, then the council should hold out for more affordable homes, with better sized gardens. Dorridge can take it! I was extremely disappointed that the council agreed to accept the proposal to dispense with affordable homes on the Woolman's site.

  3. and next will be the 3 neighbouring homes on Avenue Road, 2 of which seem to be being joint-marketed. Soon Dorridge will be full of new, ugly large houses with no gardens. Is this really what families want, no wonder we're all becoming obese, kids used to play in gardens!!!

  4. Used to live in Dorridge before the Manor Rd etc devts started. Was a pretty nice place then. Solihull Council has been constantly predatory since, salami-slicing away the quality of the area in concert with the developers. But if you lot who live there take what they dish out, they'll carry on doing it. DeeBee