Monday, 4 June 2012

Knowle celebrates Jubilee

THOUSANDS turned out to celebrate The Queen's Diamond Jubilee in Knowle High Street today.


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The road was closed for villagers to enjoy stalls, food and games.

Attractions included live music, stilt walkers, face painting, a bouncy castle and raffles.

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  1. Dorridge Residents Association are thinking about some sort of celebration, but not on the scale of Knowle and later on this year or next - whenever it will be jolly good.

  2. Could always do it to celebrate the opening of Sainsbury's :-)

  3. Well done to Kathy, Knowle Society for the event. Come on Dorridge RA you can do it!

  4. Knowle Society this was a great family event, please organise more!

  5. Well done Knowle Society for stepping in at the last moment and saving the event.

  6. It was a wonderful event. You can see the community spirit at work. Well done Knowle Society for stepping in to save the day.

    1. The day was organised by Graeme Spencer, John Berry,Tony Moon, Phil Rhodes, Kathy Jephcott, Gary Masters, NOT KNOWLE SOCIETY. The only involvment from KS was we used their public liability insurance. So the only true fact from above is "yes it was a fantastic day"

  7. There is already a family event each year in Knowle Park, The Festival, but can not have too many of these things that bring everyone together.
    Not sure if the High Street could be closed every year but hey!

  8. Pity the stalls werent more exciting. Too many doing the same thing but food good. Should have had more for kids to do .

  9. Big build up but not much there on the day stalls not very interesting and we only found Bogs and Balls I think run by the Knowle Lions for our kids to do

    1. Really sorry about that, you obviously didn't notice:
      Sheridan the Electronic Speaking Dog
      Two Free Face Painters
      Five Punch & Judy Shows
      What a Palaver the 2 juggling, slapstick kids entertainers
      Van Buren Magic and Illusions shows
      Stilt Walkers
      Wandering Magician
      Wandering Balloon Modeller
      Moonlighting Disco kids entertainment
      Bouncy Castle
      Free Helium Balloons, Jubilee Hats and Flags.

  10. The day was great. Plenty to see and do. Stalls from all the organisations in Knowle. Tractor rides , Army vehicles and fire engine also taking people round Knowle. Loads of food. A singer, comedy duo, Punch and Judy. And the dog on the bike best thing i have seen for ages. Well done to the organisers.

  11. Sorry but the hype was better than the reality. Lots of stalls but mostly from the same organisations, no real variety. As someone said not much for children to be involved in. Still at least the weather was kind if cold!

  12. Graeme Spencer5 June 2012 at 18:31

    I don’t know who actually uses this website – I found it by accident when someone told me there are a number of inaccuracies on it concerning Diamond Knowle(sponsored by Chiltern Railways), the banner under which Knowle’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations which took place between 2 – 4 June were run.

    So I want to provide the facts about the whole event, resulting from a vision I had 15 months ago, so that anyone who does use it gets the truth!

    First, Knockout Knowle is not an annual event. Knockout Knowle was the first of a series of special events within Diamond Knowle and was intended to provide the “sporty” part of Knowle’s celebrations. It was organised by a group of organisations working together – Arden Academy PTA, Knowle School PA, 1st Knowle Scouts and Friends of Knowle Park.

    In the evening Knowle’s Diamond Jubilee gArden Party, organised by Arden Academy PTA took place in the grounds of Arden Academy to provide the “formal” side to our celebrations.
    On Sunday morning Knowle Parish Church hosted a special service of thanksgiving for our Queen’s 60th year.

    It was hoped to hold a children’s football competition on Sunday afternoon, but due to circumstances beyond our control that event had to be cancelled at short notice. However, given the weather on Sunday that was probably not a bad thing in the end.

    Diamond Knowle was then brought to a climax on Monday with the Diamond Knowle Street Fair in Knowle High Street. This event was not organised by the Knowle Society.

    It was organised by a small group of individuals, namely Tony Moon, Phill Rhodes, John Berry, Gary Masters, Kathy Jephcott and myself. In order to keep our costs down, and therefore ensure money was available to provide a host of professional entertainment, we used Knowle Society’s public liability insurance.

    The aim of the day was to provide a “family focused” day with entertainment such as Punch and Judy, a talking dog, stilt-walkers, jugglers, etc., give-aways in the form of hats and flags, that were particularly aimed at our younger residents, and I know from feedback given to me by people I did not know that that happened.

    And, it’s not often Knowle gets positive television coverage, but we did this time with a superb feature on Midlands Today last night!

    More importantly, though, feedback about the whole Diamond Knowle event suggests strongly that the event hit the spot in providing an opportunity for Knowle to show its community spirit – what a great place to live!

    Well done to all who organised the events within Diamond Knowle!

    Why some of the posts on this site are so negative I truly do not know! It is such a shame!

    Graeme Spencer
    Diamond Knowle Steering Group

  13. This was a great weekend for the whole community. All the events were a resounding success, enjoyed by everybody and a credit to the people who put them on and the community spirit of Knowle.

    A wholehearted thank you to everybody who worked hard, come rain or shine, to make it happen.

    Sue Owen