Friday, 1 June 2012

Parking permits backed for Knowle

PARKING permits could be introduced in Station Road, Knowle under plans to allow residents-only parking schemes across Solihull.

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A council transport boss is next week expected to approve long awaited plans to let residents apply for permit-only parking in their streets.

Schemes approved by Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council will mean only residents with a £95-a-year permit will be able to park at set times.

Anyone who does not have a permit risks a £50 or £70 parking ticket.

It comes after a trial in four streets near Widney Manor Station, though councillors have warned the estimated £12,000 cost of each scheme may not be affordable.

A petition was handed to the council requesting permits in Station Road, by Arden School, in 2010.

The council said “preliminary observations” suggest the street would qualify for permits under new assessment criteria.

These would allow permits on streets where:

• Spaces on the street are used by non-residents for more than three hours a day.
• Some properties do not have off-street parking i.e. their own drive.
• Yellow lines are already in place.
• A “clear majority” of residents and all ward councillors back permits.

The council has suggested a £180 joining charge.

Ted Richards, cabinet member for transport, will be asked the approve the permit scheme on Thursday. Click here for full details.

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1 comment:

  1. Hallelujah sense at last. This was requested about 15 years ago but was said to be unworkable never mind that numerous other places cope admirably.

    Typical it happens after I left Station Road. Let's hope The Knowle Society don't object.