Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Updated: OAP flats plan for Four Ashes Road field

A PLAN has been submitted for older peoples’ apartments next to a proposed housing development off Four Ashes Road, Bentley Heath.

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A planning application was submitted this week for 51 “extra care apartments” in a two storey building.

It would go in a field south of 38 proposed houses between Four Ashes Road and Widney Road, by the roundabout by Widney Manor Cemetery.

The development would also include a residents’ lounge, dining room , function room, guest suite, staff rooms, kitchen and laundry and 29 parking spaces.

The application says: "The proposals put forward represent the full and effective use of this site in a way that achieves a quality development that makes a positive contribution to the environment of the area.

"In Solihull the number of households represented by the over 75s is projected to increase by 7,000 between 2008 and 2023 to compromise 21% of all the Borough’s households.

"This leads to a market demand for specialist accommodation together with specifically designed developments which can provide the opportunity for households to ‘downsize’, thereby releasing family housing for resale and re-letting."

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Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council is considering the Crest Nicholson plan for 38 homes, lined in red above. As also reported by The Silhillian today, the site is earmarked for housing by the council.

The council will have the final say on both plans.

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  1. Not every downsizer wishes to move into a retirement flat. Is there no room for smaller housing/bungalows where people can live independently, with their own small garden?

    1. concerned Bentley Heath.26 June 2012 at 17:15

      We downsized to the area and a single storey property and now Crest Nicholson are proposing to erect a two storey property adjacent to our small southerly facing garden fence,this is the respect and planning expertise that their staff are paid to do,just to maximise profit. The Aspen retirement two storey 51 apartment retirement complex could be good use of this enclosed field but I have serious reservations about the access drive/road being under 120 metres from the start of the railway bridge and the catering,laundry and larger vehicles are slower on entry and exit as would be the waste collection be when traffic is at 40 mph + ,also of concern would be the loss of considerable green vegetation and concerns over the siting of air conditioning and heating units, would they be locate onto roof or near to the neighbours?

  2. I notice from your screen shot that Station Road is named....this should be SLATER ROAD and may have been named as such on previous developers plans ? this creates confusion in the fact that people known to me have been unable to identify the site location ,also of note is the boundary of the land for future development which was the only proposal when this land was removed from greenbelt to greenfield and classed as safeguarded.Now it appears that there could indeed be three separate developments on this site leading to three separate access /exit points It would seem a better proposition to develop the complete site as a whole when required to avoid three lots of chaos on Four Ashes Road and have a single access point on the apex of the bend when the houses there are removed.This would then allow Arden School time to expand to facilitate the extra pupils and therefore section 106 payments could be used for the school and support services like medical, dental, transport, highway and street lighting upgrades.