Thursday, 7 June 2012

Plan to demolish Greswolde Garage for flats

KNOWLE’S Greswolde Garage will be knocked down for retirement flats under new plans.


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The High Street garage and neighbouring Cheshire House offices will be replaced with 28 one and two bedroom flats under the plans by developer McCarthy & Stone.

An exhibition was held at the Greswolde Arms Hotel on May 17 about the plans (below), which will need permission from Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council.

The firm said: “McCarthy & Stone is keen to ensure its design reflects the special architectural qualities of Knowle, and enhances the character of the High Street.

“Local feedback received following the public exhibition is currently being reviewed and will inform the plans as they are progressed, prior to the submission of a full planning application.

“The feedback received by McCarthy & Stone to date has been broadly positive, with many people stating that they welcomed the re-use of the site with specialist accommodation for older people and the suitability of the site’s location for retirement homes.”

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  1. I've yet to see a McCarthy Stone development that actually 'enhances' an area. What arrogance.

    Please let the Knowle Society pull no punches on this one.


  2. I am concerned that the amount of disruption to the high street with traffic this will cause and this must be thought about properly, the building must physically fit into the high street and not be too modern and 28 properties in such a relatively small space seems a lot and maybe more suitable reduced in quantity! The residents in Knowle will want to know what impact this will have on the village with an already extremely busy high street with through flow of traffic!

  3. I don't think this is the best location for retirement flats. It adds nothing to the high street except extra traffic.

  4. 28 Flats into such a small area with parking and the entrance on the Hampton Road close to a major junction.
    Lets hope the Knowle Society objects to this.

  5. Excuse me, but shouldn't we be attracting younger families into the area or aiming to let current younger residents stay here, rather than getting even more older folk into the village? And why would we want the existing building demolished anyway! Furthermore, we are talking about the High Street.. it's not a residential area is it! Come on Knowle Society....this is what you should be channelling your energy into...objecting to proposals like this! So, get objecting now, please!!!

  6. Let's not overlook the fact that if this goes ahead, Knowle will be losing an excellent and convenient car repairer. It's regrettable that the owner would apparently prefer to sell the land rather than preserve this long-established local business.

  7. 2 million pound,sale for garage more local services lost