Friday, 1 June 2012

Sainsbury's work moves closer

SAINSBURY’S says it is putting in place the final legal agreements for work to begin on a new superstore in Forest Court, Dorridge.

Dorridge - Aerial - FINAL

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J.B Dyhouse pharmacy moved out of the precinct at the weekend into temporary premises opposite the former shopping centre.

It will form part of the new Sainsbury’s development. The former shopping centre is now boarded up awaiting the start of demolition work.

The supermarket giant won Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council planning permission in November.

In a statement, the firm said: “Sainsbury’s is now in the process of fully securing the vacant Forest Court shopping precinct following the relocation of the pharmacy to temporary premises on Station Road.

“Security patrols will be in place to help prevent potential break-ins and anti-social behaviour. We are also in close contact with the police to ensure the centre is safe and secure whilst we continue finalising the legal aspects of the planning permission.

“There are many factors we need to fully consider before starting on site to ensure the development is carried out with absolute minimum disruption to neighbours and the local community, as well as surgery staff and patients.”

“We will keep the community informed as we progress these matters.”

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  1. There certainly are many factors they need to consider - like how to fit a quart into a pint pot.

    Sainsbury's could well leave the site sitting like this for some time.


  2. It's been left 'sitting like this' for the past 10 years so no difference there!
    Highly unlikely that they'll let it stand though.
    Let's get moving Sainsbury's!

  3. what's the latest on Sainsburys buying up the garage and opening it up as a Sainsburys local as well?
    at what point will Dorridge become renamed Sainsbridge????!!!

  4. At least it will stop the local kids from changing the "D" to a "P" on the sign as you enter Dorride!