Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Council refuses speed bumps for Tilehouse Green Lane

ROAD chiefs have refused to install speed bumps on Tilehouse Green Lane, Knowle – but the road will be resurfaced to lower vehicle noise.

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Speed bumps would be a “significant cost”, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council bosses said, as there had been no accidents where speed was a factor recorded since 2009.

A council report said: “This expense would be difficult to justify when there are other roads in the borough which have poorer collision histories and remain untreated.”

Residents formed an action group to try and get the council to act with concerns over speeding and noise from a 2009 resurfacing.

The council said the road will be “micro surfaced” this month, two frail people crossing signs will go up alongside two SLOW markings.

Two new weight restriction signs will go up in Widney Road in a bid to deter lorries from using Tilehouse Green Lane. For a map of changes click here.

The report said: “The new carriageway surface should result in a reduction in vehicle noise as motorists pass along this route and therefore resolve this issue.”

It said a seven-day survey of speeds by the junction with Purnells Way found an average speed of slightly above the 30mph limit.

This showed “no considerable change” from a 2010 survey, it said.

It added: “Past experience has shown that residents which have requested the installation of traffic calming measures, can request the removal or modification of the features after they have been installed due to difficulties with noise and vibration.

“Residents have already expressed concerns regarding the level of noise generated by traffic travelling along this route and the installation of raised physical features could further exacerbate the acoustics of this road.”

Responding to a call for speed cameras, it said there was no longer Government cash for the devices and the current type is becoming “obsolete” from changes in digital technology.

There was also a request for buses to not use an “unofficial” stop at the junction of Morgrove Avenue and Hallcroft Way.

But the council said transport authority Centro said this “may create complaints from customers who would face a considerable journey by foot from the next stop”.

The council is set to approve the plans on Thursday. Click here for details.

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