Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Liposuction clinic plan for estate agents

PART of John Shepherd estate agents in Knowle will be used as a laser-assisted liposuction salon under new plans.


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A planning application is seeking permission for part of the Station Road branch to be used as a hair and beauty salon.

The application says: “The intention is to offer health and beauty treatments with a focus on non invasive laser lipo treatments offered to the public.

“These beauty techniques are a non invasive, non surgical way to achieve weight loss, and to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.”

In laser-assisted liposuction, a weak laser pulse is used to break down fat cells.

It would open from 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm and 4pm Saturday and Sunday respectively.

The business owner, Rachel Jones, will work at the premises along with a part-time employee, the application says.

Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council will make a final decision on the plans.

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  1. No thank you. The area doean't need any more hair/beauty/health salons or nail bars! Where will all these women (and I expect it will be women with more money than sense) park? I can't imagine they would walk! Wear your stretch marks with pride! They are a badge of honour!

  2. since when have John Shepherd sucked you Dry?

  3. Rubyred, the application says this about parking:

    There are three dedicated car parking spaces at the rear of the property for both
    staff and customers. There is also a public car park adjacent this rear car parking
    which can be utilised by customers if necessary.

  4. It is a nice plan of having a liposuction saloon in Knowle:) Its very useful for the public and Its good place to have this saloon:)

  5. What will they do with all the fat they suck out? Sell it to the chippy?

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