Thursday, 5 July 2012

No council support for Four Ashes homes plan

SOLIHULL Metropolitan Borough Council last night said it would not support a plan for 38 homes at land off Four Ashes Road, Bentley Heath. The plans will be decided on appeal. Click here for background information.


  1. Well done SMBC planning committee,you have an unenviable situation where you have to read between the lines of what is stated by developers and followed by planning officers,and the truth.I would assume an independent inspection of the site would be the minimum requirement before or if any further action is taken.I also find the going to appeal a ploy to browbeat and influence your decision,it is a shame that these tactics may be costly to our community and that developers pursue this tactic for there gain not for the area or community.

  2. Crest Nicholson's APPEAL TO THE PLANNING INSPECTORATE for the "land off Four Ashes Road" will be at 10am on Tuesday 9th October 2012 @ Solihull Municipal Club Brick Kiln Lane B91 3LE off Widney Lane it is a pity that Bentley Heath Community Hall could not have been the chosen venue off Widney Road ( Maybe they confused Road Names like on some of their plans i.e. Slater Road being named as Station Road) as the close proximity to the proposed site MAY have been beneficial.I assume the objecting neighbours will be informed via the post as the notifications are on the telegraph pole outside number 41 and outside number 49 Four Ashes Road will only be seen by pedestrians that happen to pass!!