Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Plan to demolish bungalow for houses

A PLAN has been put forward to knock down a Dorridge bungalow for three detached houses.

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The plan would see five bedroom detached homes with double garages built at 65 Knowle Wood Road.

The application says: “The site lies within the built up area of this part of Dorridge, and is a sustainable development in a sustainable location: the principle is clearly acceptable in terms of planning policy.

“There are many examples of a similar style of development in the close vicinity, all of which contribute to the character of the area. This proposal will have no harmful effect upon that character.”

Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council will make a final decision on the plan.

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1 comment:

  1. More lost bungalows. More characterless houses. The council opened a can of worms with agreeing to demolitions. We have lost much and gained little to enhance the area. Dorridge becomes more and more featureless and anonymous.