Friday, 6 July 2012

Sainsbury's buys petrol station

SAINSBURY’S has bought Dorridge’s petrol station.


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The firm will operate the Total garage in Grange Road subject to it getting planning permission from Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council.

It comes after the firm last year won permission to demolish nearby Forest Court for a supermarket.

It said legal agreements have yet to be finalised for demolition work to begin at the boarded-up shopping precinct. Click here for previous stories.

Regional development executive Andrew Sanderson said: “Sainsbury’s is pleased to confirm the acquisition of the petrol filling station on Grange Road.

“Subject to future planning permission, the purchase of this forecourt from Rontec will allow us to provide residents in Dorridge with access to the full Sainsbury's offer when the takeover, and the redevelopment of Forest Court, is complete.

“With regards to the development at Forest Court, we are still finalising all the legal aspects of planning permission and working on a construction strategy that ensures minimum disruption to the community. We will continue to keep residents updated on both counts as we progress.”

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