Saturday, 18 August 2012

A-level results up at Arden

A-LEVEL results at Arden school improved this year with more students than ever going to their first choice university, the school said.

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All students got grades A* to E and headteacher Martin Murphy said: “I must thank all my colleagues for all their hard work and we congratulate our students and celebrate their achievements with their parents who will be so very proud.

“The highest numbers of our students ever are now moving on to their first choice universities.

“We are very pleased to see that all our students wishing to study medicine have all gained places at top universities.”

He said the average point score for each student – an A* is worth 120 points – has increased this year but did not give the score.

The number getting the highest grades A* to C had also increased but numbers were not provided by the school.

The school does not need to report a wide set of data to the Department of Education as it has been an independent academy since 2010.

The school has had a sixth form since 2009.

Notable achievements include:

Matthew Cottell: A* in all his subjects Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Further Maths. He also achieved the highest grades on his STEP papers to study Maths at Cambridge University.

Tanguy Feraud: A* in Chemistry, Physics and Maths and Grade A in French and Grade B in further Maths who is on his way to Oxford University to study Materials Science.

Anna Savage: A* in Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology, going to study Medicine at Cardiff University.

Lauren Saunders: A* in Psychology, Chemistry, Mathematics and a Grade A in Physics, going to study Chemistry at York University.

Other candidates with straight A* and A grades in all their subjects are Owais Ahmed, Emma Brown, Joanna Brown, Lauren Bull, Jonathan Davies, Katy Gaskin, Emma Lowe, Luke Truman, Rachel Winkler and Jessica Yorke.

The pass rate at Solihull Sixth Form was 98 per cent with more than half getting A to C. Some 114 got distinctions or A* or As.

Average point scores have remained stable in recent years.

Principal Paul Ashdown said: “These are outstanding results.

“I’m exceptionally proud of the students for achieving such excellent results in what are very challenging qualifications, covering advanced ideas.

“A significant amount of hard work has gone into achieve these high grades and both the students and teachers deserve praise for their efforts.”

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