Sunday, 26 August 2012

One in four Arden pupils get top grades

ONE in four Arden school pupils got eight or more A*s or As in this year’s GCSEs, the school has said.

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Almost 25 per cent hit the top mark while more than 90 per cent got five or more A*s to Cs, including English and Maths.

All got at least give or more A* to Cs in all subjects for the sixth consecutive year, the school said.

The school did not give an exact figure for the pass rate for those getting five or more A*s to Cs, including English and Maths.

The school does not give results to the Government for publication as it is an
independent academy. Last year, 92 per cent hit the key GCSE target.

Headteacher Martin Murphy said: “We are particularly pleased that we have achieved such truly impressive results when the bar is being significantly raised nationally and the exam system has changed.”

Top pupils included twins Zoe and Alex Gray who shared 18 A*s and seven As and
Alexander and Daniel Mladenovic who got 14 A*s and nine As.

Mr Murphy said: “The Class of 2012 are a delightful group of young people and their achievements are well deserved.

“We must also celebrate the incredible support and work our students have done to support learning, coaching in sport, music and drama across the school in their time with us.”

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