Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Knowle Library hours to be cut

OPENING hours are to be cut at Knowle Library from April next year.

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 The cut of an hour on Thursdays and Saturdays is to help Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council save £54,000 across 10 branches.

 It will close at 1pm instead of 2pm on Saturdays. It was open to 5pm until a 2010 reduction by the council to save cash.

 During those cuts, the library closed at 5pm on Monday compared to 7pm before. The latest changes will also see the High Street branch close at 6pm instead of 7pm on Thursday.

 The changes mean 35 hours will be cut from 426 to 391 a week.

 A council report says: “It is likely that the reduced staff requirement will incur redundancy costs if staff affected cannot be redeployed into other areas of the service or elsewhere within the council.

 “The cost of any redundancies would have to be offset against the savings delivered in the first year. However, it is not yet possible to quantify the potential extent of these costs.”

In a press release, the council said the changes mean the libraries "are only open when people are actually using and want to use them".

Cabinet Member for Community Services, Councillor Mrs Kate Wild: “At a time when libraries in other areas of the country are closing, I am pleased that we are able to maintain a high quality library service in Solihull.

“Instead of closing libraries, we have achieved efficiencies through innovation and providing our services in a different way. For example, by joining forces with Warwickshire County Council to provide the mobile library service, introducing new technology such as self service kiosks in libraries and developing our online services.

“We have listened to people’s views about when they do and do not want to use the libraries and the new opening hours should ensure that the range of services that we offer are both affordable and meet the needs of the local community.”

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  1. Use it or loose it! With the internet I cannot remember the last time I needed to use it

  2. Yes but not everyone has their own computer and one of the functions of the library is to provide internet time for people who don't. I go into Solihull library and Knowle library often. They have facilities for mother's of small children to sit and read and borrow picture books. Older people also find it an excellent resource.Not everyone can afford to be ordering books from amazon!
    The people who seem happy to make these comments about not needing a library tend to be those who don't use them and have internet.
    Hours are not being cut because of lack of use - its austerity.
    And ask yourself would you rather have Knowle with a closed library or an open one
    Use it or loose it isn't the point - you don't know what you got till its gone is closer

  3. I wish people would learn to spell 'lose'. 'loose' as in loose change, 'lose' as in lose your head!

    does the library do dictionaries?!

  4. I wish people would learn to start sentences with capital letters and and not overdo the use of excalmation marks.