Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Plans unveiled for Knowle care home

PLANS have been submitted for a 60-bed care home in Knowle.


Click the headline or link below to read the rest of this story. The three-storey home would replace a house next to Silhillians Sports Club in Warwick Road, Knowle. Alongside en-suite rooms, the Gracewell Healthcare Ltd scheme would include a hair and beauty salon and ground floor café. A planning application has been submitted to Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, which will make a final decision.


The application says: “The proposals will have a positive impact on the local community, helping meet the rising need for high quality care bedrooms in Solihull. The development will create further employment in the area which should have limited environmental impact given the sites location and close proximity to good public transport.”

To see the application click here and enter 2012 and 1569 in the two boxes.

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  2. I think it an excellent idea so handy with all amenities on the doorstep.

    Further it has been the case that I have had cause to visit a few care homes in the past few years. Precious few seemed to employ people who were local to the area; preferring instead to employ people prepared to accept around the minimum wage for an arduous and demanding job.

    1. This proposed development will further erode this greenbelt location by replacing a detached 2 storey office/admin building and replacing it with a linked single building about 20 times larger and 3 storeys high (plus a lift plant room) which would appear a monstrosity when the trees are devoid of leaves. Is Copt Heath to replace Olton as the new retirement area of the borough. Public transport facilities are in my opinion below par, if an employee resided in Bentley Heath the 1-2 mile Journey would involve catching the S2 bus,a 30minute service and changing at either Dorridge or Solihull also bearing in mind that no service exists on Sundays or after 7pm ,so much for local employment. My cursory glance at parking means all the residents would be non drivers as the 24 spaces would be taken up by the 30 or so staff. I also think their is a need for care facilities of this type which if occupied by local people may free up larger homes thereby reducing the pressure to build newer properties . But why must all our Green spaces be LOST?

  3. BrianT - Not really sure why you are suggesting that any Green spaces will be lost. The proposal is for the care home to go where there is currently a house, and large parking area which is usually occupied by taxis and vans - not exactly "green" space. None of the playing fields will be going (according to the plans).