Saturday, 17 November 2012

12.5 per cent of Silhillians vote in police poll

JUST 12.5 per cent of Solihull residents voted in this week’s police and crime commissioner elections, with voters choosing the Conservative candidate.
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Some 19,830 people voted in Thursday’s poll, of which 19,294 were valid.

Conservative candidate Matt Bennett was borough residents’ first choice with 7,348 votes while Labour’s Bob Jones was second with 4,555 votes.

But Mr Jones has taken the post after votes from other districts in the West Midlands were added.

Other results from the first preference round were: Bill Etheridge (UK Independence Party) 1,540; Cath Hannon (Independent) 4,478; Ayoub Khan (Liberal Democrats) 650; Mike Rumble (Independent) 1,501 and Derek Webley (Independent) 1,750.

All were eliminated after the first round.

Region wide, Mr Jones got 117,388 votes compared to Mr Bennett’s 55,685 to take the £100,000-a-year post.

He will work with the chief constable to set policing priorities and allocate the £546m budget.

Mr Jones has pledged to introduce community-led local policing boards.

A Wolverhampton city councillor, he has sat on the West Midlands Police Authority, which his post replaces, since 1985.

The West Midlands turnout was the 12 per cent, with Coventry the lowest at 10.18 per cent.

A national review will be carried out by the ElectoralCommission after a turnout of less than 15 per cent in England and Wales.