Saturday, 24 November 2012

Council loses battle over Dorridge home plan

A DEVELOPER has won a long-running battle with council bosses to build a house on land off Avenue Road in Dorridge.

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David Acton has won an appeal over the plan for a four-bedroom house at 1a Spring Coppice Drive at the independent Planning Inspectorate.

Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council rejected three variations on the plan since 2010. The council’s deision on one was upheld on appeal last year.

The council said the latest plan – which does not include a basement - was still too large and had insufficient gaps between neighbouring properties.

It said it “would result in a cramped and incongruous addition to the streetscene that would have a harmful impact to the spacious character and appearance of the area”.

But the inspecor said: “As a result of the substantial changes to the size of the proposed
dwelling, the enhanced distances to plot boundaries and between buildings and in the interest of fairness in relation to the consideration of other recent development permitted in the area, including Spring Coppice Drive, the proposed development should be allowed.”

They added: “I appreciate that objectors have the justifiable aim to try and prevent harm to
the spacious feel and character of their area but change in this short cul-de sac and others nearby is not new and there has been a long standing permission for development on the site.”

The land was part of the garden of 62 Avenue Road. A plan to knock that house down for two homes was rejected on appeal last year. Plans to extend the home were approved this year.

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