Friday, 9 November 2012

Police probe into breast cancer surgeon

POLICE are investigating a breast cancer surgeon accused of performing unnecessary operations at Solihull Hospital, it has been reported.


  1. It appears to me that many will again jump on the compensation bandwagon. Surgeons usually have their patients' best interest at heart. Also, as it is known that it is difficult to be certain beforehand if tumours are likely to develop into malignant growths or not, I for one would far rather err on the side of caution and go for removal.

  2. Personally I would have no interest in having mammogram screening when there are 3 false positives for every real case. I would not want a mastectomy when there is a 75% chance I don't need one. Screening should be for people who detect a lump manually. There is plenty of evidence that if you find a tumour you live for x long - if you find it later then the time you have is the same but because you knew about it later the time seems shorter.
    So much investment emotional and political in screening it is hard to shift people from what they 'feel' about it despite the facts.
    There are complication and risks to any surgery and the treatment can be very difficult so to just say I'd rathe just err on the side of caution is to not understand that any treatment should never be undertaken just in case.